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Property Maintenance

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The Groundskeeping service ensures that your property is continually maintained throughout the seasons. We contract annually and/or seasonally for this service to ensure that your property receives priority throughout the year. We continually maintain your lawn, landscape, irrigation, and all aspects of your outdoor living, so you have more time to enjoy it! By creating a convenient and flexible schedule, we establish a roadmap for what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. Contact us today for a customized groundskeeping plan!

Turf Maintenance


Our crews have the experience and knowledge to maintain your turf. We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing schedules on a consistent rotation (weather permitting). We are equipped with a variety of lawn equipment from push mowers to larger equipment.

String Trimming / Mechanical Edging

String trim grass around property perimeter and around all obstructions within the lawn. Edge all sidewalks, curbs, and concrete pads with each mowing. This service will be provided with each mowing.

Mowing Clean-Up

Remove all trash and debris from turf areas prior to mowing and remove all noticeable clippings after mowing. All clippings will be removed from sidewalks, curbs, parking areas, fence lines, and breezeways after each mowing and shall be completed the same day such service is provided.

Landscape Maintenance

Ground Bedding

Weed and cultivate all plant and shrub bed areas weekly during the growing season and once a month during the off-season to keep them free of undesirable vegetation. This includes removing all foreign weeds and grasses and will be performed March thru October.

We'll replenish missing rock or mulch from areas such as playgrounds, HOA entrances, upon request.

Shrub Trimming

All shrubs will be trimmed once per month during the growing season. This service will be performed March thru October.

Weed Control Maintenance

Weed Control and Fertilization

Our lawn treatment program provides the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to help maximize the grass you have while significantly reducing your weeds. It’s a lawn care prescription that will give you a healthier, thicker, and much greener yard.

Irrigation Maintenance

Sprinkler Check

Our professional and knowledgeable service technicians will perform thorough diagnostics checking for leaks, clogs and areas that are not receiving proper coverage. A detailed report can be provided upon request.

Spring Startup & WInterization

We'll perform our Spring start up and Winter shut down on your irrigation system. In the early Spring we'll check for breaks, set up, and adjust for proper moisture and coverage. Prior to freezing temperatures, we'll shall Winterize the irrigation system and drain to avoid freeze damage.

Seasonal Color Maintenance

Seasonal Color

Seasonal flowers are planted in the Spring and Fall. At each planting, plants will be mulched and fertilized using a premium grade mulch of your choosing.

Off Season Maintenance

Leaf & Debris Removal

Leaves will be collected and removed from the premises, as needed, during the Fall and Winter months, so as to maintain a neat, tidy and professional appearance.

Snow and Ice Removal

Keep your business open and running when Winter hits. We'll ensure that your parking lot(s) and walkways are clear of snow and ice. Our commercial groundskeeping maintenance customers will receive priority service.

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