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Drainage Systems

French Drain Installation

French drains are a very traditional way to solve water flow problems in your yard. A French drain is a great way to catch water running along the top of the ground or hard surface and direct it to a less evasive spot on the property or to the street.

Catch Basin Installation

Installation of all sizes of catch basins to store water or to pump water to the desired area. Catch basins are a great option for collecting excessive surface water and help to prevent erosion.

Gutter Downspout Tie-Ins

Installation of tight lines tying in downspouts or utilizing catch basins to flow into tight lines.

Sump Pump Installation

Installation of a sump pump is a great way to move water from areas with no slope.

SOD Installation

Sod Installation

Installing a sod lawn takes more than just a little elbow grease. Since sod installation is an investment, you want peace of mind that the professionals you hire for the job will take into account the many variables that affect success. That’s why we like to keep you informed about our process and our progress along the way.

Growing a lawn from grass seed takes patience, effort and the right weather conditions. Why not get a great-looking lawn now with sod installation from ARC Outdoorsmen? Our sod installation experts have years of experience in nurturing gorgeous, healthy lawns for our customers. For sod lawn installation you can trust, look no further than ARC Outdoorsmen.

Irrigation / Sprinkler

As the local irrigation experts in Tulsa, OK we take pride in improving the health of lawns and landscape throughout. Our technicians have years of experience in installing, maintenance/servicing, sprinkler systems. Our goal is to keep your irrigation system working reliably all year-around as needed. Having a landscape that is healthy and lush typically involves providing regular watering of your lawn and surrounding plants, especially in areas where precipitation amounts are not steady. We have been providing quality sprinkler system repair and installation services at affordable prices. 

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting systems can be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs. You can choose from a variety of lighting colors and bulbs. Systems can be automated and controlled from your phone or mobile device – which means you can have the lights come on while you’re out of town for added security and peace of mind.

Each lighting project starts with an on-site consultation. Our team comes to your home or business to review and discuss your yard and lighting needs. After your initial consultation, we are able to create a custom design and plan that’s right for your taste and budget.

Tree Services

Tree Removal

Our tree removal Tulsa services use commercial grade equipment to remove and care for your trees, which means we can access and treat or remove all size trees, cut and haul away large tree sections and debris and do a professional and thorough tree removal job for you.

Tree Trimming / Maintenance

Caring for your lawn in the Tulsa area requires skill, knowledge, and experience, as well as reliable, regular attention. We are locally owned and operated, so we know what it takes to keep your yard beautiful and healthy all year long. Our experience and commitment to customer service take the worry out of keeping your lawn rich and green, weed and insect free.

Tree trimming maintenance can also prevent hazards, such as broken and/or dead limbs that are prone to falling (usually onto the property), interference with utilities, or possible roof damage. Proper pruning techniques by an ISA Certified Arborist can actually help train a tree to grow into a branch structure that encourages, rather than hinders, structural integrity.

Stump Grinding

In order for the stump to be ground, the stump must be cleanly flushed. Stump grinding is always optional but is often recommended. Eventually, if the stump is not ground out, it can decay and create a hole in the ground that can present a danger. In addition, stump grinding and stump removal can improve the appearance of a yard or landscaping once a tree is removed.

During stump removal stumps are typically ground approximately 6-10 inches below ground. Many clients are surprised by the pile of wood chips that is leftover after a stump is ground. However, once a stump is ground, we can smooth out the chips evenly or haul them away. We can even transport the chips to a garden to be used for mulch if requested. If a tree was removed due to disease, we do not recommend using the chips for mulch as the disease can spread.


Retaining Walls, Stone Walkways, Decorative Gravel, & Stone Edgers

At ARC Outdoorsmen, we have been providing our customers with retaining walls, masonry, and hardscape services in Tulsa and surrounding areas for many years. By building a great relationship with our local suppliers, we are able to offer you the highest-end materials at the best price.

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